Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lighting Up the China Cabinet of Human Rights Violations

As we approach the 6 month countdown to the Summer Olympics, reports of China's increased pressure on [Chinese] human rights activists to be silent or those already in custody to plead guilty to crimes against national security continue to emerge. China has long been known for their horrendous human rights violations.

Human dignity and triumph of the human spirit lay at the heart of the Olympic games.

Somehow having the Olympics in China feels a bit like the scenario of an abusive husband pushing his wife to win not only the beauty contest, but the individual self-esteem prize also. Will the world be like the neighbor, friend, or relative that turns a blind eye to the abuse, but applauds when the wife covers her bruises with makeup and smiles as she walks down the runway?

Will the rest of the world stand up to China's human rights violations and use this opportunity to apply pressure on China to change their stance on human rights?

Maybe "the rest of the world" starts with you. To find out how you can join your voice with many other voices in applying pressure to China to treat their citizens fairly and with the respect deserving of all human beings, visit www.amnestyusa.org. Your voice can make a difference in the life of another human being.

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