Monday, February 25, 2008

Soul Mates

Soul mates.

The very words conjure up images in my mind of Rick and Ilsa, Rhett and Scarlet, Jack and Rose, Nick and Nora, Sam and Molly, Luke and Laura, Ennis and Jack.

Many of my single friends talk of finding their “soul mate” and funny thing…so do many of my married friends. I believe most of us desire to be in a “Jennifer and Jonathon Hart” relationship. Many people dream about and long for that one specific person God has for them…that perfect person for you and only you…a soul mate.

For me, I would love to find that “one” person, but I’ve not even come close to finding a friend of the second cousin of the uncle twice removed from my “one” person. However, what I have found is something equally as great. I’ve discovered that real soul mates come in all kinds of packages, sizes, shapes and ages.

Two perfect examples from my life are my dog, Buster and the real focus of this story: Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas.

It was a typical day at my art gallery. As with many businesses, sorting through large volumes of email is part of the daily routine. Thankfully, on this day I was the recipient of a beautifully written and inspiring proposal in which my gallery was being asked to participate. The email came from The Nomadic Project and was signed by Kristin Abraham.

I immediately visited the website to which I was being directed. WOW!

From The Nomadic Project:

On November 13th, 2005, artist Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas, set out on a yearlong journey across America. While living and working out of their bright orange Honda Element, this husband and wife team explored and created in all fifty states. The artists had a very specific purpose for their grand excursion: wishing to unite a divided nation through art. With the participation of fifty galleries, Abraham's work was displayed separately in each of the fifty states. The artwork and music has now come together in a traveling exhibition to illustrate the journey, coined The Nomadic Project.

Everything inside of me was jumping up and down. Two young people traveling across country with the intent of uniting a divided nation through art! This is the kind of story I live for! Of course, I wanted my gallery to be involved and couldn’t seem to find the keys on my computer fast enough to respond to Kristin’s email.

It was set. Kristin and Alfonso would arrive in Montana that summer.

I will never forget the moment these two young people walked in the door of my gallery. I knew who they were instantly. And four hours later – after nonstop conversation – they were on their way to the next state.

The absolute best description I can use to describe that meeting is “soul mates.” Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that my path was meant to cross with Kristin and Alfonso and theirs was meant to cross with mine.

I couldn’t be happier to share the art, music, and vision these two inspiring nomads have created.

Visit The Nomadic Project today and journey through the deep South, the historic Northeast, the expansive Plains, the deserts of the Southwest, the tropics of Hawaii, the elements of Alaska, and everywhere in between as Kristin and Alfonso tell their story of America through Kristin’s breathtaking art and Alfonso’s emotionally moving music.

Soul mates.

You never know when they are going to walk through your door.

But, when they do…you will never forget them.

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