Friday, February 1, 2008

Anderson Cooper: Playground Attendant...and Not a Very Good One

Too bad Anderson Cooper did not provide a better, more professional service to the American public during the Republican presidential debate held last night. Perhaps he would have if the debate had been held outside on a playground instead of inside a library. Perhaps if he had been supplied a whistle instead of a microphone he would have understood his duties more readily.

While I do not agree with virtually all of John McCain's policy positions, I do consider him a true American hero and respect him a great deal. However, as the two "leading" candidates for the Republican party, I would hope that both John McCain and Mitt Romney would start behaving like presidential candidates and not playschool children.

Kudos to Charlie Gibson on the job he did moderating both a Democratic and Republican debate. Best job yet. Had Anderson stepped up to the plate and brought the debate back into focus perhaps the more presidential acting candidate Mike Huckabee and the always thought provoking Ron Paul could have continued to demonstrate an ever-so-short breath of fresh air from the Republican Party.

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