Sunday, March 2, 2008

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama.

Just checking...and nope, doesn't matter how many times I write it or hear it I don't feel any fear.

I'm not sure what Ann Coulter and others with similar interests to her are trying to accomplish. Yes, I understand they are fear mongers, but seriously, Hussein is just a name like Jesse or James or Bonnie or Clyde or Al or Capone or Ted or Bundy or Lee or Harvey or Oswald or Butch or Cassidy or Sundance or Timothy or McVeigh or Terry or Nichols and this list could go on and on.

The character behind the name is what matters.

And as I observe the actions of Ann Coulter and the like, I question their character... and intelligence.

I often wonder if Ann Coulter and the like have ever studied American history or world history. If so, they would surely notice that each outlaw, criminal, murderer, terrorist, etc., had a name. And many of those people had somewhat common names.

If we are to be so gullible to succumb to the fear mongering manipulations of the Ann Coulter's of the world, what's next? A ban on all names of those that kill, murder, rape, rob, steal, etc., or perhaps we should ban names all together and simply allow the governments of the world to assign people numbers when they are born.

NO. Those are not the solutions.

If they were, could you imagine a world in which we did not laugh at TED Danson in Cheers or the Bundy's on Married With Children?

OR enjoyed the rapid beating of our once young girl's heart's over the former teen idols Shaun and David CASSIDY?

OR be mesmerized by the wonderful, Pulitzer Prize winning play turned into a movie HARVEY?

OR celebrated the success of independent film at the SUNDANCE Film Festival?

OR watched AL Roker deliver the weather each morning on the Today Show or learned about global warming from Noble Prize winning, Vice President AL Gore?

OR hold your stomach while laughing through the films by director TERRY Gilliam?

OR applauded the films of Spike LEE or Ang LEE?

OR sang along with smooth styling's of BONNIE Raitt?

OR enjoyed the writings of JAMES Fenimore Cooper and OSWALD Chambers and TIMOTHY Leary?

OR have been motivated and inspired by JESSE Jackson?

OR have cheered on NBA star CLYDE Drexsler?

OR clapped at the graduation of the students from NICHOLS School?

OR listened to a message of healing by Kate McVEIGH?

OR voted for the Governor of Idaho C.L. "BUTCH" Otter?

OR played pool with one of Mike CAPONE's custom cues?

OR dream with Barrack HUSSEIN Obama?

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