Saturday, March 22, 2008

CBS Cancels Jericho...Again

CBS, once again, cancels Jericho.

I'm stunned.

More on this in another post. Have to really collect my thoughts on this one.

Below is the message Michael Gaston (brilliant actor who plays Gray Anderson on the show) posted on Jericho's web site.

I just wanted to take a minute to, once again, thank all of you for supporting our show. It has a been a very painful week for us as we all got the same word you all got regarding the show's cancellation.

While getting dumped by the same girl a second time may not be as shocking as the first go round, it's often even more painful; if just for the fact that you let yourself hope, in vain, that it would be different this time. But it is the second burn, so as the saying goes, shame on me.

That said, I wouldn't have missed this little season 2 JERICHO novella for the world. It was a golden opportunity to reconnect with all my pals to bring you all at least a little more of the story we had to offer.

It was a gift.

And we have you to thank.

Thank you all. It really was a pleasure.

Michael Gaston

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