Monday, March 3, 2008

ICED: Play the Game!


Many people seem to have an opinion, but not many people seem to have workable answers that serve everyone well.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to a computer game called ICED (I Can End Deportation). The purpose of the game is to learn about immigration facts and myths. Individual players are given the choice of which immigrant character they will be in the game. Once you learn the back story of your character, it's time to begin your journey through the streets of Anywhere USA with the objective of becoming a US citizen. Points are earned by making good choices, performing civic acts, and answering questions about immigration issues correctly. Points are lost by making bad choices and answering questions incorrectly. Of course, what would the challenge be without ICE officers patrolling the streets? Wrong moves may find you sent to level 2 - Detention where you will be jailed for unknown periods of time, locked in solitary confinement, or shipped back to a country you've never known. The game is a test of character and knowledge of current immigration laws.

ICED is formatted for both PCs and Macs and must be downloaded to play; however, the game is free and with a high-speed connection downloads quickly.

Garage Games and international human rights organization, Breakthrough bring this interactive game to the world. Breakthrough's uniqueness comes with their way of using popular culture and education to promote dignity, equality and justice.

Think you know America's current immigration laws? Think you thoroughly understand issues of immigration? Test your knowledge! Play the game!

Here's a hint: write down the keys on your computer needed to move forward, backward, left and right BEFORE you start your mission.

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