Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jericho: Bring on Season 3!

Every man worth something has THAT moment.

THAT moment when they stop avoiding confrontation and stand up for what is right.

THAT moment when they discover the only way to truly protect their loved ones is to stand against that which takes away their freedom.

THAT moment when they look evil in the eye and take action.

Stanley Richmond had THAT moment last night.

If you are not watching Jericho on Tuesday nights, you are missing out.

Brad Beyer's portrayal of Stanley Richmond has been one of the most understated in the show...until last night. While all of the characters around him have their moments of extremes, Stanley has always maintained a focus on his family and his farm. Beyer's Stanley has been a unique sense of small-town calm opposite Skeet Ulrich's internally conflicted heroic character, Jake Green, and for the most part, Stanley has been the most disciplined and law abiding character in Jericho.

Until last night.

THAT moment took hold of Stanley and didn't let go.

And last night was Brad Beyer's show.

From the self contained moments as he watches his sister's bloody sheet draped body being wheeled into the hospital, to the gentle and quiet dialogue he signs to his sister as he sits by her body in the morgue, to the growing strength and focus in his voice as he talks with his fiance who survived the attack that killed his sister, to the determined march of confrontation against the man he would not stand up against earlier -- the man that would kill his sister -- to Stanley's shaky, anything but internally calm moment of eye to eye contact with Goetz, to the flash moment when he makes the decision to pull the trigger, to the head held down posture as the Rangers gather to decide what to do next, Brad Beyer's gave the advertisers their money's worth last night. And the audience reaped the rewards.

Kudos to Brad Beyers.

And kudos to D.B. Sweeney. What a ride he, too, has given the audience. His ability to use his eyes to tell a story not expressed with words ranks up there with Robert Redford's performance in The Sting and Kevin Bacon's in A Few Good Men.

Jericho...riveting television and this season's stand out performances in all areas of the profession.

If you are new to Jericho or missed an episode, tune into where you can watch episodes online. Along with full episodes for viewing, CBS has also posted commentaries from actors and an inside look at a table read from this season's first episode.

Friday, March 14, SciFi will be showing four full hours of Jericho season 1 starting at 8/7 c. For more information visit:

Will Jake be forced to align with Constantino to stand up against a corrupt government? When will the bomb Hawkins has been hiding come into play? And when will Major Beck make a move that puts him in danger with the government for which he works?

So many questions so few episodes left.

Bring on Season 3!

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