Monday, March 31, 2008

Jericho: The Producers are Pumping Iron!

As I stated in my interview on Jericho Monster, from all of my experience in the entertainment industry and in business, I do not believe Jericho is dead in the water if the producing team wants to keep it swimming.

Good news, Jericho fans: the producing team is pumping iron and practicing their strokes!

Here is a recent post on the CBS Jericho message board from the producing team:

The Awesome Fans of Jericho,

What a wild week…. It has been both heartbreaking and exciting for all of us.

Heartbreaking that the show was canceled.

Exciting that everyone is rallying to find us a new home.

The response we've been getting through the mail and on the boards is so moving… We are so proud of these 7 episodes and want to do whatever it takes to keep telling this story for you.

Your dedication and drive continues to blow our minds. We want to thank everyone, specifically Shaun O Mac for being the voice of the Jericho fandom, Schumi for guiding everyone with your kind heart, General Patton for assembling the troops… and so many others that are working so hard. I promise you it isn't going unnoticed by the producers, cast, crew and studio.

This show has made TV history in so many ways… and we are doing everything in our power to help find a new way to show you how Jake, Hawkins and gang lead their way through the Next American Civil War.

Much love from your team,

Jon, Carol, Karim, Dan, the writers, cast and crew of Jericho

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