Saturday, March 8, 2008

UNCLE GEORGE BUSH WANTS YOU, but just don't ask for anything in return!

As a Marine, Todd Bowers fulfilled his duty on a daily basis serving multiple tours in Iraq Only when he was injured in Fallujah was he forced to leave his position within the Marines. When Todd Bowers returned from Iraq, he looked forward to completing his college education which he had started before he left for the war.

Unfortunately, for today's returning veterans, the Bush Administration does not feel the same way.

Watch the video, listen to Todd's story and know that he is one of thousands of returning veterans deserving more from this current administration.

Write and call your Senators and Representatives telling them to support the new GI Bill (bill number S.22/H.R.2702). Watch the video clip, learn how this bill will help returning veterans and then call your Senators and Representatives.

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