Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jericho...So Much to Say

Last night as I thought about Jericho being canceled again, I was thinking I knew exactly what to blog about and what I would write today.


This morning I read a few of the message boards on CBS's web site for Jericho and I began to pull at a few of the know, I started visiting the different web sites fans had listed on their posted messages.

One thread led to another thread which led to another thread which led to another...

I was blown away. Still am.

Jericho has an enormous number of extraordinarily creative, talented, and well spoken fans. I've never seen anything like this type of loyalty to a television show as I witnessed for Jericho this morning on my trip around the web.

So, I am now back to rethinking my thoughts on the subject of my first blog about the news of Jericho's cancellation. I feel a series of blogs coming on.

Until then, enjoy this clip from last Tuesday's show.

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