Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and the FLDS

Two thoughts continued to rise to the top of my thought list over and over this past weekend, except, of course, when Another Thin Man was airing on TCM.

And then William Powell and Myrna Loy held the two top spots.

Ah, what a nice 2 + hours that was.

Then it was back to reality.

While the news media focuses virtually all of their attention, once again, on the typical one or two items of "hot" interest in the world, I continue to think about two specific items within their coverage.

1. Barack Obama has financially out raised and out spent Hillary Clinton by 4 to 1 according to a number of outlets.


She continues to keep pace within the voting public.

According to last week's "Who's Your Pick for President?" AOL straw poll, with more than 370,000 voters from all over the US, Hillary Clinton led the voting democrats at 54% to Barack Obama's 46%.

I find it very interesting that Obama has had to out spend Clinton by 4 to 1 just to maintain his position within the overall voting public. And this doesn't include Michigan and Florida, both states won by Hillary Clinton.

With the millions and millions and millions of dollars Barack Obama has raised and spent, he has not been able to pull far enough away from Hillary Clinton to secure the nomination.

And he recently announced that he believes Hillary Clinton will win in Pennsylvania.


IF Barack Obama does win the Democratic nomination, just how much money is it going to take?

Why is it costing so much money to sell his "good judgment?"

2. Watching the women of the FLDS community speak on the various news programs and watching one of the women give a tour of her home on the FLDS community ranch, one of the thoughts that kept rising to the forefront of my mind was "THIS is what it looks like when art is removed from the world."

The arts are a means of expression.

This morning on the Today Show, Meredith Viera asked one of the FLDS women to share the reason why all of the women from the ranch look so similar (i.e., hair and dress). The woman answered by saying that it was their own [individual] choice to wear their hair up and out of their face and that their hairstyle(s) and dress did not have any specific designation.

To me, when I watch the women speak, sit, and respond, I see the absence of self expression.

My comment is not intended as a judgment on the FLDS members, but as an observation on how strongly I believe in the power of the arts.

And the absence there of.

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