Monday, April 7, 2008

Kevin Connolly's The Rolling Exhibition

I met Kevin when he came to volunteer for a film festival I created in Bozeman, Montana.

The fact that Kevin's body ends at his torso is NOT what sets Kevin apart in a crowd. Visually, yes, I have no doubt that many eyes are drawn to Kevin's outward differences.

But, what sets Kevin apart in a crowd is his self-confidence.

When talking with Kevin I was drawn to his ability to focus and with confidence, openly state why he was wanting to volunteer and what he wanted to take away. I liked that. He was honest and straightforward.

So, I was not surprised to learn that he took his talent, his confidence, and his focus on the road to very honestly capture the looks of those looking at him.

Kevin's story is a story that in a way, involves each and every one of us.

Do yourself a favor...visit his website at and then travel on over to his deeply insightful gallery at

Could you be one of those pictured?

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