Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Plumm Summer

Remember when movies were just plain fun?

Well, get ready to have an old fashioned good time at the movies again!

I was fortunate to have been involved with the production of a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL movie opening in a limited release tomorrow night (Friday, April 25).

If you live in Southern California, Montana, or Alabama make your plans now to go see A Plumm Summer showing in a theater near you!

Click here to watch the stars being interviewed at the premiere.

Click here to watch the official trailer.

Based upon a true Montana story, this charming, heartwarming, fun-filled movie starring Henry Winkler, William Baldwin, Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), Peter Scolari, Rick Overton, Clint Howard, and narrated by Jeff Daniels tells the tale of the 1960's kidnapping of Froggy Doo, a famous local television show puppet.

Hilarity and adventure begin when J. Edgar Hoover sends two FBI agents to Montana to investigate and three imaginative kids, each with an individual purpose, team up to begin their own super sleuthing.

Who will find Froggy Doo first?!

If you've ever visited Livingston, Montana or have traveled through Bozeman, Montana, then you know the beauty which is Montana's alone.

Filmed in both communities, director Caroline Zelder and cinematographer Mark Vargo captured more than the scenery of these two magical communities, they captured the very essence of what separates Montana from every other place in the world -- the [yet] unspoiled West.

Pack up your kids, grab a friend, take your spouse, or go by yourself, but GO see A Plumm Summer this weekend!

Buy some popcorn and a soda and let the summer fun begin!

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