Saturday, April 26, 2008

Schell Goes Green! Lloyd Schell's green biking machines that is...

James Woodcock(photographer)/Billings Gazette

Going green isn't just about the environment anymore.

With gas prices soaring, we all seem to be watching the green go, go, go.


For Lloyd Schell of Lockwood, Montana, watching the green go, go, go has taken on a whole new meaning.

After a work related injury, which affects the strength in his back and legs, Lloyd needed to come up with a new way to make a living that didn't involve a lot of manual labor. And one in which he could work at his own pace.

With a desire to remain active in the outdoors, Lloyd searched for a bike seat that wouldn't put pressure on his back and for something to get around on that was easier on his legs.

What Lloyd found was a new career.


A way to help people go green without watching their green go, go, go!

Green-Go Bicycles LLC currently operates out of Lloyd's workshop (aka: shed).

Using recumbent-style bicycles from Day 6 Bicycles out of Bozeman, Montana, Lloyd installs electric motors on each bike.

The motors run on a battery, which comes in three styles: the lessor expensive sealed-lead model (like the kind used in a car), the nickel metal hydride (Lloyd's favorite), and the high-end lithium battery. Each battery lasts for about 600 charges and can be recycled, which is a service Lloyd also provides.

The initial investment in a Green-Go Bicycle may seem a bit steep to some, but considering the price of gas the pay off should be seen fairly quickly. An average bike will cost around $1,500 (depending upon the style of motor and bicycle chosen).

Outside of the obvious benefits to the planet and avoiding the high gas prices, because Green-Go bicycles are just that -- bikes -- here are a few other benefits (these are for MT, check your own state laws for where you live):

  • You don't have to own a driver's license to ride one
  • You don't have to have vehicle insurance for one
  • The batteries run at about 3 - 5 cents per mile
  • The bikes can be custom made with a seat and/or backrest that fits you
  • Bike speeds can range from 1 speed to 21 speeds (in MT, speeds 20 mph and lower are classified as a bicycle)
  • You can enjoy the outdoors

What's not to love about all that?!

If you are ready to quit watching your green go, go, go at the pump, then put on your biking shoes and get your order in for a Green-Go Bicycle.

For more information on Green-Go Bicycle LLC and Lloyd's bikes, please call (406) 208-1789 or email

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