Saturday, April 12, 2008

TVs for Vets

As someone who has been actively involved with charitable organizations and human rights campaigns most of my life, I appreciate the work involved in meeting the many needs one may encounter on a daily basis.

An organization that came to my attention this week is especially inspiring to me.

Jon Tester, United States Senator from Montana, has been a refreshing change of pace for veterans in Congress. Senator Tester campaigned on a platform paying great attention to the plight of the United States veteran. His victory over long time incumbent, Conrad Burns, was hard fought and significant.

Now, almost two years after his election to the United States Senate, Jon Tester continues to focus and fulfill on campaign promises.

Like I said...refreshing!

In an email I received from Senator Tester this week, he shared his support and commitment to a grassroots organization in Montana working to provide new TVs for all of the veterans' hospitals, clinics, community centers, and retirement homes within the state. Considering the number of veterans that are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan wounded and spending weeks upon weeks and months upon months in hospitals and rehab centers, I can only imagine how needed and appreciated new television sets can be.

TVs for Vets is a wonderful and inspiring organization with a simple, straightforward mission.

I am even inspired by their website -- a simple, straightforward, no money wasted here approach!

If you would like to know how you can give, donate, or learn more about starting a TVs for Vets in your state, please visit TVs for Vets.

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