Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How We Choose Our Political Leaders Befuddles Me

Politics befuddle me.

A friend of mine recently went through a rigorous series of 5 interviews just to sell online advertising and then she didn't get the job. Someone from the competing publication with "more" experience got the job.

Another friend of mine recently said that he would NEVER hire a person with television editing experience ONLY to edit a feature film because that person just wouldn't have enough knowledge of how films work.

In researching for this blog, I visited a number of sites listing job openings. In every "professional" job posting, a minimum number of YEARS in the respective field is required of each applicant.

How is it that we require -- no demand -- a person have years of experience to perform sales, secretarial, research, journalism, accounting, managerial, etc., type jobs, but when it comes to electing a president of the United States of America we don't care that they don't have any experience, we just want them to either look like us, tell us what we want to hear, or make us feel good.

I'm fascinated by employers who require a minimum number of years of experience in a particular field from prospective employees before they will even consider them for a job that is insignificant in the big world picture, yet will vote for someone who will potentially have the greatest impact on the world and yet has virtually no experience at all on world matters.

This double standard mentality of hiring practices in our country is a curious phenomenon to me.

Is it about control?

Is it that if we feel we, personally, can't control something, then we just want someone to tell us what we want to hear?


In that way, we feel like we are in control?


Is it that we feel our country is so absolutely out of control that we just simply want the person who appears to have come from out of nowhere believing that person surely must represent something different than what we have?

How is it that we choose the leaders of our nation so much differently than we choose who will be our next salesperson or department head or receptionist or accountant or event planner or fill in the blank job?

How is it that we require less "on the job" experience from the leaders of our nation than we do the person we are hiring to head a wait staff at a restaurant?

Politics befuddle me.

How is it that EVERY eligible citizen of the United States of America gets an equal vote for the contestants of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, but NOT for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

When did voting for who will become our next democratic candidate for president of the United States of America become the sole privilege of a select number of states and not all of the states?

Politics befuddle me.

When people are turning out in record numbers to vote why would political leaders [and the news media] be so determined to stop this process?

Politics befuddle me.

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