Friday, June 13, 2008


Jericho fans are as sturdy as they come.

Like the survivors of the television town, the fans of Jericho have survived 2 nuclear blasts themselves in the form of network cancellations.


Fight on they do.

The difference between Trekkies and Jericho Rangers (fans of the show) is their focus, their mission, their purpose.

Trekkies are fans of the genre and dedicated lovers of science fiction. They love the characters and the futuristic elements explored within the context of Star Trek and other science fiction productions.

Jericho Rangers are about the here and now. They live active lives and come from various backgrounds, professions, cultures and even countries. Entertainment is not their life, but rather something that brings a balance into their hard-working lives.

Simply put, they love the quality of programming provided by the Jericho producing team.

To the Rangers, the television show Jericho is not an obsession, but rather something that brings a true sense of value of enjoyment into their lives.


They are standing up AGAIN to declare just how valuable of a show Jericho is.

Currently, the Rangers' campaign is directed at media executives in positions to purchase Jericho and bring it back to the airwaves as original programming.

With encouragement from Jericho producers Jon Turteltaub and Carol Barbee, the Rangers continue their move forward in pursuit of a new home for Jericho.


Good for them!

To learn how you can be a part of this history making campaign, please visit Save Jericho Again and watch the following Rangers' produced commercial featuring the voice of Brad Beyer.

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Hartt951 said...

Great article!!

Thank you very much for covering our efforts to get our beloved show back.

We will keep fighting until Jericho comes back.

Okjayhawkgirl said...

Thanks for the Jericho mention Penny, it was very supportive and positive. The Rangers are here to stay and we are working hard for season 3.