Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Body at War with Itself

Michael Phelps is probably the most famous 23-year-old on the planet today.

With a body that did not fail him, Michael Phelps achieved a personal goal that has now surpassed all athletes in the history of the Olympic games -- 8 gold medals won at one Olympic competition.

This is more than achieving a personal goal -- this is creating history! Amazing!

While every athlete's achievements are the result of years of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, the pay off of when their bodies perform at their very best is a reward of tremendous glory and well-deserved recognition.


For me personally, those that live in bodies that are at war within themselves every single second of every single day, are also true athletes of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, if not even more accomplished than those that win medals or large advertising contracts.

Let me introduce to you Tyler Boshae.

Like Michael Phelps, Tyler is 23-years-old.

From the age of 9, Tyler has been dedicated to a physical, mental, and spiritual regime that may astound even the most accomplished of athletes.

From the age of 9, Tyler has climbed a mountain called Tourette's Syndrome every single second of every single day of his life.

The type of Tourette's Syndrome experienced by Tyler not only creates great physical pain within Tyler's body, but the mental and emotional fatigue are beyond any I've ever seen experienced by medaled athlete.

Tyler Boshae is a true fighter, a true athlete, a true winner.


He is in need of your help.

Tyler has been approved to be evaluated to receive a special brain surgery to implant electrodes to help reduce the tics. The surgery is called DBS -- Deep Brain Stimulation. Approximately $200,000 will be needed for this surgery to take place -- and that's with the reduced fees from his medical team.

Please meet Tyler through the video and visit his website at www.clubtwitch.com.

Any and all help you can give is greatly appreciated. Even if you can only afford to pass this message along , please do!

Thank you!

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