Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finding Hope


Whether we like it or not, politicians are the lawmakers of our country.

For me, the more I watch and observe politicians the more this becomes an increasingly disturbing thought.


Hope continues to reign supreme.

Where do I find this hope?

My faith, of course...


Also through the amazing phenomena called social networking.

A small number of my real life friends poo-poo social networking because of this or that, but for me, every time one of my social networking "friends" posts a link or a humorous status update or an amazing blog about the current political atmosphere, I am encouraged by their strong voice and hope prevails.

Today's posts on Political Voices of Women serve as a fine example -- no, the posts serve as one of THE BEST examples.

Intelligent women writing with integrity about important issues and making solid points in positive, constructive, and often times humorous ways -- good job, ladies! You are the voices that bring hope. You are the voices that make a difference. You are the voices that bring about change.

How nice to go to a website focused on political issues and not feel like I need to take a shower after reading only a small handful of posts and/or commentary.

To the remarkable, intelligent women of integrity posting on Political Voices of Women, you are the Alice Paul's and the Lucy Burns's of today.

Keep talking. Keep writing. Keep posting.

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