Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a New Day!

It is a new day and the world is singing and dancing with us!

FINALLY, once again!

My heart continues to be overwhelmed with emotion.

The past 4 days I have found myself in such a state of euphoria that I can't seem to stop dancing and smiling and dancing some more and smiling even harder! This must be how the Suffragettes felt in 1920 and how the Civil Rights Activists felt in 1964. For the moment, just for the moment, I want to continue to bask in this amazing sense of possibility, of hope, of all that can be because now we know -- we KNOW all that can be CAN BE!

My desire is for the United States of America to continue to move forward rather than just move on. Once my basking is manageable (hopefully it will never be done), I look forward to working with each of you, whether it is side by side in person or side by side by State or country by country, to continue that move forward. The election was only the beginning to all that we can achieve together. Let's work to keep all the doors open that we opened, let's back our new President like the world has never seen our country back one before, let's continue to make history.

It's a NEW day!

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